I created this website primarily to make my professional and personal sides known to organizations and individuals looking for a proven information technology executive.

I have included information on what I have accomplished professionally, with higher education institutions, regulated telecommunications companies, and in the military.

Of equal importance is who I am personally and my closely held beliefs that guide my actions. I have included several statements that describe my personal philosophy and how that philosophy has informed my professional interactions.

The essence of who I am can be illustrated in these short statements:

Professionally - over 20 years of executive and senior management of information technology in higher education focusing on investing in learning environments that help students of varied backgrounds and preparation succeed. I believe actions speak louder than words.

Personal interactions - I follow the golden rule and treat people as I would be treated.

Personal philosophy -

we make a living from what we get

we make a life from what we give

what we have done for ourselves dies with us

what we have done for others and the world is immortal