Philosophy of Management.

Donald L. Steward Ed.D.

I am a results-oriented manager who knows my clients. I understand what their technology needs now and in the future might include. I pride myself on negotiating a good deal for the university with vendors and providing timely service to my clients. I always look out for the university's interest in every decision I make by considering students, faculty, and staff perspectives in major decisions.

My philosophy of supervision is to treat my employees, as I would want to be treated. This means I hold members of my staff fully accountable for the quality and quantity of their work only after they have been properly trained and equipped. I believe it is essential to provide opportunities for professional growth through formal and informal training. My staff work more effectively when equipped with proper tools and test devices designed for their individual job duties. Workplace safety is critical to me. Acquiring necessary safety equipment and enforcing the use of this equipment is an important personal responsibility that I take seriously. I will not ask my staff to do something that I believe is dangerous without proper safety equipment and instruction in its use. 

I expect my staff to arrive on time, neatly attired and ready to work. Maintaining a professional appearance is important to the university and myself. I prefer to hire and train a person who is strong on potential ability, with a good customer service attitude, but perhaps lacking in some of the exact skills required.

I am a hands-on manager involved in what my staff is doing, but I will not micromanage my staff. I understand there may be many paths to fulfill an objective and my way is not the only way to reach that objective. I understand the law of unintended consequences and will seek advice from others at all levels before making major decisions. I believe my job includes removing roadblocks that prevent successful completion of assigned tasks.

I am very interested in creating and maintaining a diverse workplace. I travel internationally, when possible, because I want to personally know and experience different cultures. A worldview is very important to me in planning for an inclusive future. My staff over the years has included representatives of many ethnic groups including persons from San Salvador, Haiti, Viet Nam, Peru, India, Ukraine, Macedonia, and the Philippines. I enjoy the different "realities" people of other races and nationalities bring to the workplace. My whole staff gains understanding and tolerance of others when they interact with our students and staff from around the world.

I have consistently developed loyal staffs by providing them with the opportunity to excel through formal training, by providing necessary tools and quality test equipment, apprentice programs, and by showing my faith in their technical ability. My staffs have developed excellent rapport with other departments. I work hard to have my staff support and participate in the education, research and outreach missions of the university.